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"Social One Media has done a great job for my clients. They understand that social media marketing extends way beyond just Facebook & Twitter. I would recommend their services to anyone." A Ruiz Colorado Springs.




Conversations about your business are being had on Facebook with or without you…shouldn’t you become a part of that conversation?

Facebook today has a collection of more than 500 million customer profiles.  If one considered Facebook as a country, it would probably be in the top five for highest population.  Facebook is truly a social and cultural phenomenon, not a fad. Within the last two years, Facebook has become the foundation of all things social online.  Here are some Facebook statistics to think about:



People love to watch videos. is the largest video sharing/viewing sites in the world. The success of the Internet has meant that having a strong online marketing plan is essential to keep up with the competition. One of the most used and well known sites on the World Wide Web which can benefit you and your company is the media giant YouTube.

Google Places


Brand consistency in the market place; that’s what you want for your business.  Let's be real, if people can't find your business, they will find your competitors.  Google Places, Yahoo Maps & Bing Maps do what the yellow pages have done for over a hundred years which is to help customers connect with you. The search engines realized a few years ago that small business advertising revenue will be the future of their revenue growth, not national or international companies.